21. ubg Benutzertagung

Die 21. ubg Benutzertagung fand im Barcelo Cologne City Center Hotel statt.

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11:00 Registrierung und Imbiss -
12:00 Eröffnung der Tagung - Arnd Ohlenbusch, Vorstandsvorsitzender ubg
12:15 A New Start - Aad van Schetsen, President, Uniface B.V.
Since the beginning of this year, Uniface is an independent entity again and not a part of the much larger Compuware Corporation. With a team of 150 professionals world-wide the company – headquartered in Amsterdam – is working on a rapid growth strategy. In many areas we are obviously doing things different right now. In this session Aad will outline the most important changes, the new initiatives and the focus areas of the new independent company. See where Uniface is going!
13:15 The Uniface Roadmap: Imminent Plans & Future Developments - Adrian Gosbell, Vice President Product Management and Marketing, Uniface
The recent events around Uniface have resulted in some great changes for Uniface as a product. Hear the exciting news on how the roadmap will change in the future, including the latest information on Uniface 9 and Uniface 10. Adrian will give an update on the other projects we are working on, and how they can benefit current, and future application development projects.
14:00 Kaffeepause -
14:30 Uniface LAB Under the Hood - Michel van den Berg, Uniface
At Uniface we have built a software factory to facilitate the production of our product which supports the latest technologies on industry wide platforms. The factory we have today is based on many years of experience with building, testing and assembling Uniface. In this session Maarten will give you a tour of our software factory. You will learn how we manage our parallel code lines and how we update these code lines using continuous build and integration. You will be taken through the release process as well as hear how we secure and respect intellectual property and enforce compliancy with US and EU export regulations.
15:30 Uniface Mobile Strategy and Roadmap - Mike Taylor, Uniface
To extend Uniface with the ability to create cross platform mobile applications, a new development team has been formed in the lab in Amsterdam. In this session Michael will be discussing the solutions we are creating for the Uniface development community. He will also look at the current opportunities and challenges of developing mobile apps and how Uniface will help address these.
16:30 News of the World - Adrian Gosbell, Vice President Product Management and Marketing, Uniface
We will give an update on the changes that are happening as a result of Uniface becoming a fully independent company. So important information on topics such as support, websites and software distribution will be covered. What is changing, why and what this means to Uniface customers.
17:45 Abendveranstaltung -

Start Thema
09:00 Performance: eine Sisyphusarbeit - Dr. Martin Dahmen, Teamleiter Softwareentwicklung M1, CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG
Das Produkt COMPUMED M1 der CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG wird seit 1996 mit Uniface entwickelt. Nach dem Start der Entwicklung und einer Kundenversion unter Uniface 6.1, gefolgt von einer Migration nach 7.2.06 ist das Produkt nun als CGM M1 PRO unter 9.6.04 und Oracle 11.2g R2 verfügbar. Zur Qualitätssicherung im Bereich Performance werden alle Updates mit einem selbst entwickelten Analyseprogramm zur Auswertung von Uniface Proc Profilings untersucht, um Veränderungen rechtzeitig erkennen zu können. Auch konkrete Kundenprobleme können durch komfortable Funktionen schnell erkannt und Lösungsansätze erarbeitet werden.
10:00 Uniface 10: Product details and workshop objectives - Henk van der Veer, Uniface
We will give and update on where we are with Uniface. The Uniface 10.00d release is the basis of our workshops. He will also cover off some details of the workshop. What are we trying to achieve...
10:30 Kaffeepause -
11:00 Uniface 10 Workshop - Daniel Iseli, Michael Zille, Uniface Solution Specialist, Uniface
As we get closer to the GA release of Uniface 10, this is an opportunity to have a hands-on workshop with the Uniface 10 development environment. The workshop will be based on the Uniface 10.00d build of Uniface, and will enable us to gain feedback on what we have achieved, and direction and suggestions on the future builds both up to and after the release of Uniface 10.01. The workshop will guide you through the product while building a web application and even though Uniface 10 is still work in progress we are using it ourselves, and now you also have the opportunity. Some of the new Uniface 10 concepts such as code snippets mean that even if you do not have much experience with web development, you can still actively participate in the workshop, gain some experience of the new Uniface IDE and give us ideas and suggestions. The Uniface 10 workshop will be conducted in the cloud using CloudShare, so there will not be any need to install on your PC.
13:15 Mittagessen -
14:00 Fortsetzung Uniface 10 Workshop -
15:00 Mitgliederversammlung -
16:30 Ende der Tagung -

21. ubg Benutzertagung
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